Intro Demo Navigation Guide Ideal for industrial control and other applications that require mission-critical reliability coupled with high performance. While the XE attributes provide stability when the CPU is static, the XE attributes provide up to nine months of extended transition and advance visibility of changes.

Range of applications and platform technologies

  • Industrial Automation Control and Planning Station

  • Ideal for: entry 3D, complex 2D graphics, large data sets and complicated analysis.

  • Latest Intel® Core™ or Xeon® processors

  • Longevity: Up to 9 months transition window upon next gen platform launch

  • Stability: Less change: Static CPU through life of platform

Spec sheet 3650 XE Brochure
Precision Family
close Spec sheet 3650 XE PRECISION 3650 XE TOWER Precision 3240
Compact Industrialized
These durable tablets were specifically designed for use under the most adverse conditions while maintaining the highest level of security, performance and manageability.

Range of application and platform technologies

  • Industrial Applications

  • Heavy manufacturing

  • Construction / Engineering

  • Maintenance operations

  • Intel® Core 8th generation processors

  • 1000 NIT FHD Glove-capable Multi-touch Display

close Rugged Latitude 7220 RUGGED EXTREME TABLET Brochure Latitude Rugged Video 7424 video_library Spec Sheet 7220
close A model for innovative manufacturing-IT

The challenges facing manufacturing have grown enormously, leading to increased complexity such as high product diversity, short delivery times, rapid process adaptations and smaller batch sizes, even to as small as one item. With the age of Industry 4.0 upon us, the case for the implementation of Smart Factory is growing - which in turn drives the need for enhanced automated processes and functions to meet growing customer demands.

The attached PDF will provide insights on how the applications of these Smart Factory Elements will make the vision of Industry 4.0 a reality and enable manufacturing companies to produce competitively even under complex conditions.
Planning & Scheduling Smart Factory Elements
High performance & industrial-grade –
Desktop with long-term stability

Range of applications and platform technologies

  • Industrial Control

  • Intel® Core-i™ CPU with vPro

  • Enhanced operating temperature: 5°C – 45°C

  • Optional dust filter

  • 5-year target lifecycle

close XE3 OptiPlex XE3
OEM-Ready Spec Sheet
video_library Video Product Overview XE3 video_library Video Quality XE3
close As you scroll through the demo, simply click on the informational icons as they become visible. These icons will have more in-depth information on the subjects and technology partners.

Follow these icons for further insights where you’ll find product information, videos and links.
1. Planning & Scheduling
Manufacturing Execution System with MPDV

2. Quality Control & Defect Tracking
with AI & OpenVino from Intel

3. Condition Based Predictive Maintenance
with Cumulocity IoT from Software AG
Industrial applications "Side Kick" Stories
Product Information Navigation OEM Insights
Expertise from end to end.

Your unique products require unique solutions. At Dell Technologies OEM Solutions we know you are looking to take your product to market with just the right services, support and technology to help differentiate it and increase its potential for success. Partnering together we can design the right combination of capabilities to do just that.

OEM customers are different. That’s why, in addition to offering Dell Technologies standard products, our customization and capabilities can help you get to market fast and scale globally.

OEM Solutions offerings help you:

  • Brand across your complete solution.

  • Focus on your IP and competitive differentiation, not the hardware it runs on.

  • Give your customers a tier-1 quality customer experience across the globe.

  • XL or extended lifecycle offerings that accommodate your development and testing schedules.

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Edge Computing
in Manufacturing
OEM Solutions
1 Planning & Scheduling
Intro Ultimate space savings, fit-anywhere deployment and extended life

  • Intel® Core-i™ CPU with vPro

  • 5 Year target lifecycle

  • Longevity: Up to 9 months transition window upon next gen platform launch

  • Stability: Less change: Static CPU through life of platform

video_library close Video OptiPlex 7080 XE Micro
video_library Website Webcast Spec Sheet
close From road and rail to shipping, aviation and mass transit systems, intelligence at the edge, computer vision and 5G are driving the future together in the transport sector.

Edge Computing

Edge computing delivers the efficient data management, deep learning and analytics required for smart transportation. It enables optimization in the areas of: fleet tracking, vehicle telematics, traffic monitoring, obstacle detection, the provision of more precise real-time data and analytics, and much more.

Computer Vision

The ability to transform visual information into data connects the physical and digital worlds. Coupled with AI and machine learning, computer vision helps solve challenges like: road and rail condition monitoring, traffic flow optimization, and predictive maintenance or incident detection and management, etc.


5G connectivity offers a new level of visibility and control over transport networks. With peak data rates of up to 20 gigabits per second, 5G makes this possible.
Link Edge Solutions Transport video_library Infographic Smart
Video Smart
On premises datacenter infrastructure is deployed and managed by VMware, enabling you to focus on your applications.

  • SDDC infrastructure and hardware as-a-service

  • Reduce operational complexity and costs

  • Operative consistency with cloud and datacenter

  • Broad and diverse offering of application services

close Link Cloud Solutions Link Data Center as a Service VMware Cloud on Dell EMC VMWare Cloud Foundation video_library
Modernize your network for the Cloud era with Dell EMC SD-WAN Solution powered by VMware, combining specially developed network devices from Dell Technologies with leading SD-WAN software from VMware in a simple and powerful all-in-one solution.

  • Optimize network connectivity across your distributed global operations.

  • Simplified WAN management

  • Managed on-ramp to the cloud

  • Simplified orchestration

  • Simple and secure VPN

  • Global segmentation

  • Outcome driven routing

  • Distributed service insertion

  • Zero-touch onboarding

close Link SD-WAN VMware SD-Wan video_library Video SD-WAN
Hyperconvergent Dell EMC VXRail infrastructure Whether you are accelerating data center modernization, deploying a hybrid cloud, creating a developer-ready Kubernetes platform, or want to run applications in harsh edge environments, VXRail delivers a turnkey experience that enables our customers to continuously innovate.

The only fully integrated, pre-configured, and pre-tested hyperconvergent VMware system optimized for VMware vSAN or VMware Cloud Foundation, VxRail transforms HCI networking and simplifies VMware cloud implementation. At the same time, the system is suitable for all HCI applications, including the most demanding workloads and applications.
video_library close Link VxRail Video VxRail Cloud Native VXRail Video VxRail-D video_library
Built for harsh OEM environments, the PowerEdge XR2 packs a huge punch in terms of performance, despite its compact size. Thanks to its long service life and extensive customization capabilities, plus certifications in shock, vibration, dust, and humidity, this little gem can easily deal with any challenge thrown its way. video_library video_library close Link XR2
Rugged Server
Video XR2 Video XR2
Rugged Capabilities
PowerEdge XR2 Video XR2
Quality optimization with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)

Quality management is an important aspect in the production of goods of all kinds. The manufacturer wants to ensure that the products meet the requirements of the customers. The production process can consist of many steps, and each step can include a possible source of error and thus negatively influence the entire process. The amount of rejects and defective products should be as low as possible.

Therefore it is important that the individual steps and the product at the end of the production process are subject to strict controls. As soon as deviations from the desired target are detected, sources of error can be eliminated. This allows the production chain to be optimized.

Find out here how you can track the quality of the goods produced and improve it with the help of artificial intelligence.
close Quality Control & Defect Tracking Quality Control & Defect Tracking
With its increased speed, higher bandwidth and lower latency, fifth-generation wireless cellular technology, or 5G, has the potential to be a key enabler and accelerator of the next generation of smart manufacturing. Some advantages of this communications technology for industrial applications include:

  • Higher bandwidth – modern IIoT gateways and distributed edge computing architectures are creating an explosion of valuable system data and 5G networks are ideally suited to keep up with this data deluge

  • Lower latency period – allowing devices to communicate more quickly and reliably is especially important for machine-to-machine communications to function effectively

  • Greater device density – 5G has the potential to connect to more devices, up to 1 million per km², critical for a factory full of sensors

  • Device self-registration – time and costs associated with deployment, setup and commissioning will be greatly reduced

  • Increased security – cellular networks are more difficult to hack than standard WiFi implementations

  • Fewer cells – cellular signals can be transmitted farther than WiFi, requiring fewer cells vs access points in an equivalent network

video_library close Tech Notes ‚Looking ahead to 5G‘ Video Case Study Infographic
How can 5G accelerate manufacturing?
Bring your IP to the world fast with global access to our tier-1 industry standard solutions, from desktop to data center to the edge.

Innovate in your industry at the speed you need you need to stay competitive by leveraging off-the-shelf, standard technology solutions. Our OEM product development teams influence standard product offerings based on OEM needs.

With more than 30 years of expertise, across 40+ verticals, you can count on the industry leader, Dell Technologies, for your OEM solution. In addition to commercial off the shelf (COTS) offerings, We can help you design, deliver and support fully customized and tailored solutions
video_library close One Pager Dedicated
Video OEM
OEM Solutions Solution Brief
‚Unlocking the
potential of your
IA Workloads‘
Brochure Storage
for OEMs
2 Quality Control & Defect Tracking
Intro In order to support our customers in the best possible way with the implementation of their Industry 4.0 projects, our approach is based on essential principles

Architecture that offers flexibility in scaling

  • Open, consistent infrastructure that supports heterogeneous devices and applications from the edge to the cloud

  • Software-defined infrastructure that offers maximum flexibility

  • Take advantage of Dell Technologies comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of hardware, software and services

Protect and secure your business

  • Automated discovery, onboarding, patching and life-cycle management ensure that each device has the latest security updates.

  • Micro-segmentation of networks allows network security policies to be set and enforced for any workload operating anywhere, protecting systems even from lateral attacks.

Use the data to generate added value

  • The amount of data generated with Edge is enormous - and grows rapidly.

  • Move and position IT infrastructures from the data center closer to the data origin with our Edge/Core solutions.

  • Deploy our robust embedded and rugged servers virtually anywhere in the edge

close Edge Solutions for Industry 4.0
Operate production facilities intelligently

When operating an industrial system, machine availability and the reject rate are elementary key figures. It’s imperative that a system produces the highest quality products and remains in operation with little or no outages. With this in mind, plant operators are looking for ways to reduce or even predict downtimes.

“Predictive maintenance” presupposes the permanent monitoring of a machine or an entire plant. Learn more about condition-based predictive maintenance and how it can improve production quality and prevent unplanned downtime.  
close Condition-Based Predictive
Condition-Based Predictive Maintenance
AI Brochure Powered by AI and a rapidly growing data-centric ecosystem, digital transformation is sweeping through the Manufacturing industry. The combination of a “data first” culture backed by AI insights and unprecedented levels of automation is changing everything - from supply chain, materials, quality and order management to production processes, factory maintenance, order fulfillment, logistics and services. Ultimately, AI-driven insights and automation are transforming how enterprises increase productivity and gain greater control over operations. close Link AI Solutions White Paper
‘AI Led Predictive
Case Study Artificial intelligence ensures efficient maintenance
Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI include everything you need to accelerate your AI initiatives. Helping make artificial intelligence simpler, these pre-designed and pre-validated solutions are ideal for machine and deep learning so that you can get faster, deeper insights into your customers and your business

AI simplified
These validated solutions simply artificial intelligence and shorten deployment time from months to weeks.

Faster, deeper insights
Get unprecedented performance for custom-built AI modeling with leading PowerEdge servers and Isilon storage.

Proven AI expertise
Dell EMC is a leading provider of proven solutions and know-how in the areas of AI, data analytics and high-performance computing.
close Link Ready Solutions
for AI
Brochure AI & HPC
for Digital Manufacturing
Ready Solutions for AI Solution Brief AI
in Manufacturing
Transform manufacturing with data and technology.

We can help OEMs to manage their data across the entire manufacturing process and supply chain, from the edge to the core to the cloud, speeding up their application development and compressing time to market.

Our engineers are ready to help design and build solutions to meet unique requirements. With technology tailored for industrial environments, OEMs can quickly deploy world-class Industry 4.0 solutions - including edge computing applications. Our goal is to
speed product development, scale globally, create operational efficiencies, and enhance customer experience.
video_library video_library close Webinar Smart
Video Breadth
of Capabilities
OEM Solutions Link Industrial
We appreciate your interest in our solutions and look forward to a personal conversation to discuss your individual challenges and opportunities. Return to Industrial Page 3 Condition Based Predictive Maintenance
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Digital demo Room

Solutions and processes associated with Industry 4.0 or the so called 'Smart Factory' focus not only on intelligent production systems, but also on related areas such as transport, logistics and energy. Dell Technologies solutions support this industrial transformation by providing smart IT technologies to enable manufacturers to benefit from value adding emerging technologies.

Among other key topics, this demo will showcase three applications in the industrial environment:

  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Quality Control & Defect Tracking
  • Condition-based Predictive Maintenance